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The CCL is a shitshow and needs to change A$AP

Man, I'm really trying to get fired up about the CONCACAF Champions League. It's honestly amazing that there are 5 MLS sides in the tournament this year. On top of that, the LIGA MX sides that are involved in this year's edition aren't really killing it right now. Additionally, there are other CONCACAF sides that have had to forfeit their games (really messed up situation btw). All considered, I still just have an ominous feeling about how this will go for the MLS sides. Take the sentence with a grain of salt, because when I'm saying ominous, I'm really just saying I don't feel confident us confident in a MLS team winning the title this year. It's always like the MLS sides just choke and to be honest, there's not enough people bitching about it (except for the once in a blue moon comment by like 11 Yanks or Tactical Manager). This competition should be taken seriously, like how European teams take their continental competitions, not like a warm up to the arbitrary MLS season. They do a lot, but I'd love it if entities like Straight Red, 11 Yanks, and Tactical Manager would do live watches for these games. I think it would do a lot in increasing the overall awareness and passion for the competition. We should also as fans be fervent about it online like we are about the announcement of the USMNT roster every time it drops on twitter. Finally, this competition is important to me because we need to be able to play well in these "treacherous" conditions in order to succeed on the road in Nations League GS or WCQ (a facade imho, granted these places are still difficult to play in but c'mon our quality is so much better than our continental opponents national team + club sans Mexico and Canada (nat team for this WCQ round)). Alright, this is the end of my rant. I'll probably write more about it soon. Deuces!

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