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Who has the bigger gut Bruce Arena or Jozy Altidore? NE Revs 2022 MLS Preview

After dominating the MLS last season, and setting a new MLS regular season points record, the New England Revolution look to replicate last season's successful season (except for fucking up at the end). The team, lead by coach Bruce Arena, is bringing back the majority of its core from last season. That said, Matt Turner will be heading to Arsenal by mid-season and players like Adam Buksa and Dejuan Jones are likely candidates for a mid or post season transfer. To cope for the losses/potential losses, the Revs signed the one and only Mr. Backpass Sebastian Lleget (he should actually do well with Bruce lmao) and the self proclaimed "rich coattail rider" (yes he said this to me in a deleted reply tweet that I did not screenshot) Jozy Altidore. The Revs also added Omar Gonzalez, a guy who may be washed up at this point if I'm being honest, but serves as decent depth to Andrew Fat Gut yet Fast Farrell, and Henry USMNT GC Final Cameo King Kessler in the backline. Also, expect players like Carles Gil and Gustavo Bou to play at an elite level. Even though Gil missed a portion of last season, he was still easily one of the best players in the league imho. Matt Polster should be solid again, same thing with Brandon Bye. My biggest question about this team is who else will step up? When Matt Turner leaves will vet Brad Knighton be the guy? Will it be Earl Edwards Jr (Is he related to Carl Edwards Jr)? Personally, imho I believe that the team will sign a goalkeeper (Ethan Horvath on loan is salivating) once Turner leaves. In terms of stepping up this is not the only void. Additionally, Tommy Mac, Maciel, Wilfrid Kaptoum, will all have to be quality when they get on the field. The goal for this team should be to win championships. Not come second in the conference, make a nice playoff/CCL run, etc. All being considered, my expectations for the Revs are below:

2022 MLS Regular Season: Supporters Shield contenders. It's really them and Seattle imho. Toronto won't have its full squad until the summer.

2022 US Open Cup: Hard to predict tbh, bc it's such a crapshoot. Semifinals probably.

2022 CCL: Probably Semifinals. I'd love for them to win this thing (like could any MLS team just get the nutsack to be like fuck every Liga MX team, we're gonna win this thing), but until I see it, I'm not changing my opinion (IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN).

2022 MLS Playoffs: NYCFC will be weaker by this point (Taty should be gone), and idk if Toronto is gonna have the chemistry (maybe philly has something to say).

I think Seattle will be beaten up by the title game. NE REVS 2022 MLS Champions.

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